Second Trimester With Baby Mayhew!

It’s only fitting to write about your second trimester when your 37.5 weeks pregnant…amirite?! The beginning of the second trimester for me was still a bit of a drag with the nausea, although I started to feel like my normal self a bit more around week 17. After looking at these progress photos (which I totally didn’t get enough of during the second trimester!) I noticed that you could see a physical improvement in me by week 27, haha! Until that point, I looked awful during the beginning of the second trimester, my goodness…

The second trimester certainly wasn’t without its ups and downs. I’m pretty sure I wrote about this in my first trimester update, but I ended up fracturing my second to last tooth in the back of my mouth and had to get it fully extracted by week 20. I currently now have a missing tooth, but I know I’m going to be laughing about this with my son later on when I tell him all the things I had to go through with him in my belly.  During week 18, I ended up getting really sick one night and ended up in the ER because I was so dehydrated. The plus side to that one was that we got to see our little babe an extra time (before we knew the gender)! In conclusion to that scare, it turned out that I had just eaten something that upset my stomach that night…a buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich was what it was if you were wondering. And yes, I usually try to avoid dairy… why do I do this to myself? The last major downer was during week 27 when I found out I had gestational diabetes. That was such a hard week for me, but knowing that my sugar is under control since then and that I didn’t need to get on insulin was such a blessing. I still think that test is silly, but that’s just me.

The upside of my second trimester was finding out the gender! As much as I wanted a baby girl, finding out that he was a boy was the sweetest moment B and I shared together! B of course was super ecstatic during the reveal! I seriously can’t wait for him to be here (so soon!).

Due Date: November 12!

Gender: It’s a boy!!

Total weight gain: 5 lbs. (8 lbs. total pregnancy so far)

Cravings: Peaches and mangos all day everyday.

Food aversions: Thankfully, I was starting to get back into eating chicken and exploring food a little bit more. No real food aversions during this trimester.

Symptoms: Semi-morning sickness, but eventually tapered off

Movement: Started to feel him during week 16.

Belly button in or out: In

Is your bump showing: Yup!

Mood: I was a mixed bag of emotions with all the roller coasters I went through, but happy my little babe is healthy and growing.

Although the second trimester was the greatest, I still had my moments where I was happy and feeling super blessed. Feeling him move around and kick by far was my favorite. Just knowing that he’s healthy and doing well was all I needed to get my mind off of all the negatives. I seriously can’t wait to hold this sweet little boy and see B become a dad <3