My Favorite Baby Teethers

Wilder has officially popped 2 teeth and you betchya he’s been chewing on everything in site. Thankfully, he hasn’t been fussy, but I don’t want to speak too soon with the fact that plenty other teeth still need to come in. Wilder has always had a favorite teether since he discovered he could gnaw on things; and that would be his banana toothbrush. He could chew on that thing for days! Even though that’s his favorite he still absolutely loves chewing on the other ones he has too. I wanted to share them all with you because you can’t go wrong with some adorable looking teethers.

Here are the teethers I’m loving for him:
1. Banana toothbrush
not only great for a teething baby, but perfect for them to start practicing brushing their teeth! It’s a win win for both parties!
2. Sugarbooger cactus teethers — I put these on my registry. They seriously are adorable and Wilder loves them.
3. Watermelon teether — I recently bought this one once Wilder’s teeth started popping through as a backup-backup. I’ve been putting it in the freezer and giving it to him and he loves it.
4. Baby food feeder — Obviously one of Wilder’s faves since it’s pretty much a popsicle with frozen fruit and he LOVES it.

Do your little ones have any favorites? I’d love to know!! You can never have too many teething toys!

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