Free Printable! Mother’s Day Card

Free Printable! Mother's Day Card

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Saturday started out with a little bit of rain here during the day, but then turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon. I took advantage of the dreary weather in the morning and thought I’d design some Mother’s Day cards for you guys…since I have yet to do a free printable for the holiday! I started out sketching the designs on paper, then scanned it into the computer and took it into Illustrator. If you follow me on Snapchat, I shared a little sneak peak of how I work and the process I did to create this printable! After all was said and done, I was really excited with the outcome of both printable Mother’s Day cards, and decided to sell an art print of the bike with flowers in my Etsy shop (stay tuned!).

Below are the two designs! Make sure you print on 8.5 in. X 11 in. white cardstock paper to get the best results!

Free Printable! Mother's Day CardFree Printable! Mother's Day Card :: Download “Mom” Mother’s Day card here ::

Free Printable! Mother's Day CardFree Printable! Mother's Day Card :: Download “flower bike” Mother’s Day card here ::

I hope you and the loved one you’re giving the card to both love it! Have a wonderful week!! xoxo

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