DIY Gold Colorblock Tray

DIY Gold Colorblock TrayHappy Monday! Today I bring you guys one of the easiest DIY projects out there! I’ve been wanting to make my own tray to place on my coffee table for a while now, and of course there had to be gold involved in it too! I’m sure many of you have seen a DIY like this before, but I thought why not share it with you guys because it’s too pretty not to share. Only 3 things are involved in making this budget friendly project that will do nothing but add more style and character to your home (a major plus!).

What You Need:DIY Gold Colorblock Tray
Basswood Canvas Tray
• Spray paint (gold is my fave, but you can choose any color you wish!)
• Blue tape
• Xacto knife (this isn’t necessary, but will help cutting the tape to perfection around the corners.)

How to Make Your Colorblock Tray:

Step 1: Using the blue tape, cover half of the tray around all edges, along with the front and backsides.DIY Gold Colorblock Tray

Step 2: Spray paint tray on both sides, letting sit for about 30 minutes each.DIY Gold Colorblock Tray

Step 3: Once dry, determine if a second coat is needed and reapply if so.

Step 4: Now you can remove all blue tape from tray.DIY Gold Colorblock Tray

Step 5: Ready to be styled onto your coffee table, desk, or anywhere your heart desires!DIY Gold Colorblock TrayDIY Gold Colorblock TrayDIY Gold Colorblock TrayDIY Gold Colorblock TrayDIY Gold Colorblock Tray

That was pretty easy huh?! I absolutely LOVE it. It’s simple and looks wonderful! Don’t forget to use #sharethelv when sharing your photos…I would looooove to see how you styled your own colorblock trays! xoxo

  • Cressandra April 20, 2015 at 8:29 am

    Love this!!! So happy I found your blog! Can I find a tray like this at Hobby Lobby?

    • Love Vividly April 20, 2015 at 9:01 am

      Hi Cressandra!

      Yayy!! I’m so happy you found my blog and love it :] Okay, so I wasn’t able to find the exact tray, but I was able to find this tray set at Hobby Lobby. They do have handles, but I think that’s perfect! It also makes it easier to carry and you can use it as a serving tray! Hopefully this helps!

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