Breakfast Nook Inspiration

Lately B and I have been running around looking for furniture and décor to bring into our new home together. The day we moved into our new place my anxiety immediately kicked in. I wanted everything to be furnished and complete (which is totally unrealistic, I know). I’m sure you guys knew this already from reading one of my previous posts about decorating your place, but I take it way too serious. This can be good and bad—good for getting it done and bad for getting anxious and not giving it time!

So onto the reason why I’m writing this post—our living room is spacious, but a little awkward. There’s space for your living room furniture, but it might be a little tight if you add in a dining room table, which we need due to us not having anywhere to eat besides 2 barstools at the counter. On the other hand, one thing I love about the space is that we have two beautiful windows in the living room, allowing an ample amount of light to come in (hallelujah to the ample amount of light!).

Well, after rearranging furniture about 20 times on a daily, B and I decided to put a cute little breakfast nook in the corner where the windows are. Super cute, right? I’m thinking this breakfast nook will be the answer to our dining room table issues and figuring out what to do with the space and empty corner.

Per usual, I’ve been gathering up and hoarding some inspiration on Pinterest and I wanted to share these with you because they’re all absolutely too beautiful not to share, and maybe you’ll get some inspiration as well!

Breakfast Nook Inspiration
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The breakfast nook is underway and I’m hoping to share on here soon!

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