Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Marianela Mayhew, or some call me Nel for short. I am a graphic designer by day, coming home to love on my sweet little family by night. I’m a new mama to a sweet little boy, Wilder. He’s pretty much a mini version of my husband, B. I also have a 4 lb. dog—Portia Mayhew (she’s the sweetest little chorkie out there!). My husband and I got married in August of 2015 and pretty much did an entire DIY wedding (because why not?!). Yes, it was definitely crazy, but totally worth it!

I’m a huge DIY-er and love crafting up something new on a daily basis. You’ll find pretty much every craft I’ve made on here, as well as recipes that I’m cookin’ up in the kitchen. Being a graphic designer, I can’t help but make some free printables for you all too, and putting artwork that I design up in my Etsy and Casetify shop! All in all this is a fun little hobby of mine!

One little fact about me is that I have an endless amount of love to give, which is why I think we should all love vividly once in a while :]